The characteristics of the business process outsourcing industry in sri lanka

My personality matches that requirement and I believe I can slowly grow in to an established professional in the industry. The country possesses a strategically advantageous combination of low labour costs and a technically qualified and educated workforce. HBSI is an ISO certified company which is manned by qualified and competent staff with over 10 years of experience in their respective industries 4.

The country has a very big pool of internationally certified accounting professionals based on AT Kearney report. The technology firm Gartner Inc name Sri Lanka as a top 30 countries for offshore services in See Appendix 1 I am someone who is reliable and able to finish the given task with responsibility.

On the other side there are many small companies entering into this business which might affect the reputation of this industry on a longer term. There are many investment on ICT is happening in Sri Lanka which could be a supportive factor for this growth. The private sector is mostly computerized, with many public institutions also having access to IT facilities.

Also, it discussed far reaching reforms with a view to improve performance of the SOE sector and enhance trade and FDI World bank, Accessed on 01st September In current business spectrum the BPO is considered as solution and service as it has his benefits beyond the cost reduction and great efficiency.

Lanka Business [online] 17th September The last 2 years I have worked in eon reality Singapore as an accounts person which has given me the exposure to global environment. WNS Sri Lanka began operations in providing high end financial processes for the largest insurance company in UK.

The Company maintains a competitive edge by selecting and employing the most highly qualified and experienced professionals to service clients.

The new measures are expected to boost dollar liquidity while the rising trend of the rupee may also attract off shore interest, as has happened in the treasury securities market.

The Professional Manager, 02 01pp. Finally the report shares and analyses my suitability to this industry according to my personality and experiences which can derives the challenges and actions that would need to be tackled to be successful in the FAO Industry.


These are the main weaknesses of this industry. The greatest success in this industry comes for the countires who has sustaible political systemstring ethical and trained professionals and value based systems. Therefore it is an attractive industry company to becoming a accountant for local companies where you would have to challenge yourself more career growth and international cultural environment.

There are number of reason why I could be suitable for this industry. Here Are Three Alternatives [online] Available at: This has given more value than cost reduction. Based on stream of work outsourcing is classified as 3 main type such are Shared Service operationNear Shore operation and offshore operation.

The legal system in sri lanka is some what stablethat is one of the main reason most of the top companies are already existing in Sri Lanka.

The industry is highly completive with in Sri Lanka as well as Global Level. Many countries have been investing in this model and has seen success in countries like India, Philippines.

There are very many opportunity for me in this industry. Accounting as a profession needs good discipline and commitment with good values. Although ISTJs may like to do quite a bit of their work independently, they often appreciate the value of participating on a team as well, especially if their colleagues are reasonable and business ike ald there is a clear hierarchy so that they know who is in charge.

This is one of important challenge in this industry as there already have much top competition in the Industry. I see that as a greatest opportunity to be in this industry. The political condition in sri lanka is slowly coming to stablity and the good govenence is a key to this growth and stablity of this industry.

I believe I will have a challenge over that, but with my positive mind set I believe I can overcome that challenges.

Based on the research by OVUM Research Company it is shared that payroll accounting and accounts receivable were the commonly outsourced function by majority of the companies. The SWOT analysis clearly identifies the key strength of the industry with regards other potentiality of the industry and looks at weakness as well.Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing.

Outsourcing brings in a lot of flexibility and financial freedom but it also has its pitfalls.

Any company looking to outsource must keep in mind the pros and cons of outsourcing before deciding to take the plunge. some degree of strategic change in their business processes through outsourcing.

(Chamberland, ). Sri Lanka is listed among the top choice for the business process outsourcing, which is favorably being ranked better of late. With many Sri Lankan BPO companies coming into existence, the business is quickly taking its roots in this Asian country. The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is evolving rapidly, and one of the key trends in BPO industry is a number of providers moving up the value added chain and engaging in.

Knowledge Services. The Knowledge Services sector which encompasses IT software development, Knowledge Process Outsourcing / Business Process Outsourcing industry, IT and IT enabled services and IT Training Centres, has tremendous potential to emerge as a key growth sector in Sri Lanka.

An offshore BPO: When a business process or processes are outsourced to a company in Sri Lanka by a company located in another country.

An onshore BPO: When a company located in Sri Lanka outsources a business process or processes, to another company that is also located in Sri Lanka.


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The characteristics of the business process outsourcing industry in sri lanka
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