Serrature per porte blindate milano

The handle collection designed and manufactured by Effepi is completed by square knobs made in brass or aluminium in the mixed coloured lucid and satin Superoro, lucid and satin chromium.

Immensa combines the renowned Effepi technical and safety quality with pleasantly simple design in a planar surface with no visible mechanisms. The multifunctional lock door has the same possibilities for aesthetical finishing as all the other models. Accessori quali i rivestimenti e la maniglieria in questo tipo di porta assumono una rilevanza estetica importante e consequenziale al progetto complessivo dell ambiente di posa.

Other versions open the door from the outside typing on a numerical code keypad, or with biometric fingerprint reader.

La serratura, oltre al normale funzionamento a chiave, ha il maniglione per l apertura rapida a spinta della porta. The Immensa Rasomuro door is completely flush to the wall. It improved the technical features of its products with several innovations and patents. Le porte blindate Effepi adottano di serie le maniglie e gli accessori della serie Universal, realizzate in alluminio nelle finiture bronzo, ottone, cromo lucido e cromo satinato.

The multifunctional lock is a safety lock tested and certified exactly like all other locks. Should it be necessary, the cylinder can be replaced with a new one provided with its own keys sealed upon delivery.

Tutti i pannelli vengono sempre sottoposti ad un trattamento completo di verniciatura con prodotti all acqua specifici per esterni indipendentemente dalla collocazione finale del manufatto.

The lock moves the latch and the bolts and at the same time activates other bolts inside of the leaf by means of levers connected to it. Immensa combines the renowned Effepi technical and safety quality with pleasantly simple design in a essential surface with no visible mechanisms.

ARCO CL risponde ad una esigenza estetica o architettonica ben precisa con finiture e accessori consequenziali all ambiente di posa. It all forms a proven safety system.

The lock is provided with a Europrofile cylinder as per standard and can be opened and closed with a key like all standard locks. Maniglie, pomoli, maniglioni, bocchette, rosette, accuratamente realizzati risolvono con eleganza ogni esigenza funzionale.

Altre versioni permettono l apertura della porta dall esterno digitando una tastiera a codice numerico, oppure con lettore biometrico di impronta digitale. Fabrizio Bianchetti Porta blindata traslante scorrevole filomuro con apertura automatica assistita: The lock is pre-set to be operated by a double-bitted key.

Depending on one s needs, the doors can be matched with side light or transom window, or even the combination among them. The inside door control panel is also used to customise programming of the lock. La serratura, oltre al normale funzionamento a chiave, ha i comandi per la gestione elettronica dell apertura e della chiusura della porta sull anta o con comandi remoti.

Effepi doors are sturdy protections and qualified architectural components. In Franco Paolucci created Blindato Effepi Srl with the precise aim of operating in the armoured and safety closing sector.

The FIRE 30 security door has the lock operated by a europrofile cylinder. The electronic lock is powered with integrated control electronics. It can be used for residential buildings to protect the connecting wall between the garage and living areas, for tourist building it can protect access to hotel rooms, service apartments and resorts.

Classe 3 50 sicura DM Design: Pronto intervento serrature Venezia, chiavi perse, dimenticate, prestate, rubate, serratura bloccata o rotta, interveniamo velocemente per aprire, ripristinare o sostituire serrature di ogni tipo, marca e modello. Different models of armoured glass are available.

The Effepi construction technique allows to realise windows in the door leaves both one-leaf door and 2-leaf doors. We are able to meet your further requests for customising or exclusives designs which you would like to propose to us.

The windows on the leaves foresee extra armouring, with the creation of breakproof seat to place the glass and the whole mechanical sealing system suitable for the purpose.

The transom window extends the safety of the door creating a passage of light through the armoured glass.

Double-bitted means that the key has two flaps bits at the end of the stem. It is the first contact with the home. The corners are welded, they use an adequate glass stop system and with the possibility of assembling various types and colour of break-proof glass.

Everyone and everything of value deserves to be kept secure, without compromise.

Fabrizio Bianchetti La porta blindata 1 anta mod.Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Pronto Intervento 24 ore per serrature e porte blindate a Milano e Pavia!

# prontointervento. Serrature Sicurezza Porte Blindate Milano. Vendita e sostituzione di serrature di sicurezza per porte blindate a Milano, Pavia e provincia.

Pronto Intervento tutti i giorni, 24 ore su Serie Serrature per porte blindate Security door locks. Serie Serrature per porte blindate Chiave STANDARD in ottone nichelato Impugnatura in Plastica NERA Nichelatura Normale dotazione per serrature da infilare e applicare per porte blindate.

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Serrature doppie per blindati Cisa, Dierre, Mottura e Mul t lock. Le aziende leader nella produzione di serrature doppie per porte blindate sono la Cisa, la Dierre, la Mottura e la Mul t lock, alcune varianti sono disponibili anche con trappola anti effrazione.

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Serrature per porte blindate milano
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