Dettol hand wash market size

Dettol Liquid Soap gave the consumers a soap in a more modern and convenient format for handwash. Not only the major brands are getting benefited but overall hand wash market is also growing owing to enhanced awareness and a power of heightened overall voice in the marketplace.

These could Dettol hand wash market size based on exposure to dirt and germs, pollution, heat, sweat etc. The distribution for both category and Dettol Hand Wash has been on a rising curve — with more than three lac outlets stocking the hand wash segment see Exhibit 4d for distribution details.

It became a serious player in Liquid handwash market in Q3, Exhibit 2 Antiseptic Liquid market 2a. Reckitt, for instance, introduced a No-Touch Hand Wash last year, a first in the category, to drive home better hygiene standards. As part of this campaign, seasonal hooks were used to establish germ relevance - summer, monsoon, and winter.

Strong awareness amongst people towards maintaining hygiene Schools have come forward in providing lessons to the children to maintain hand hygiene habits There was a time when most of the sales was contributed by Institutions Offices etc but now the trend has moved a step further by rapidly growing in households With the recent Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, the drive to spread the message is becoming stronger with many brands actively utilizing the platform to get their brand message across to the consumers.

The Business Of Hand Wash

There are multiple product innovation opportunities from the international stable of Dettol hand Wash — which the brand team is evaluating for future launch. Since many consumers used Dettol in their bath water, the company thought of offering Dettol in a more convenient form of soap.

A sum of crore is planned from RB for next 5 years. This was followed by the third variant — Dettol Cool in Februarywhich offered trusted Dettol protection with menthol to help feel refreshed and revitalized.

However, trends in other semi-developed markets Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd.: It was highly visible on-air with a range of Aishwarya Rai copies. The channel is managed by a wellstructured sales force, responsible for achieving sales for the entire product portfolio of more than Stock Keeping Units SKUs.

The final positioning that was decided was: The growth trend in the last few years had been encouraging with shares showing an accelerated upward growth in most categories, but the team felt share gain could be much faster.

It used to be the strong number two brand until recently. Dettol hand wash communication has always focused on the core brand positioning of protection from germs.

Growth Drivers of Business of Handwash: A sum of crore is planned from RB for next 5 years. A large base of consumers still re-purchases the Pump pack instead of using a refill pack see Exhibit 4c for pricing details. Diarrhea is the leading cause of death amongst children in India.

The business of hand wash is certainly increasing and gaining a great momentum, and the consumption business starts from the early morning and continues till we take a sleep handwash post dinnerbut the overall purpose of driving the cleanlinessdrive is becoming better day by day.

It relaunched itself inwith better packaging graphics and upgraded variants in line with the global range. Lux Body Wash did a big bang advertising launch in with celebrity endorsement Kareena Kapoor.

The Business Of Hand Wash

It was known that many consumers use Dettol Soap for cleaning hands. Dettol soap witnessed a sharp surge in sales with the new advertisement see Exhibit 3m for soap communication. Pharma makers of Boroline.

Init launched a premium range of products under a sub brand of Fem Cool Angel three variants, priced at Rs. Over the years, the communication was moved along this gradient of educating consumers, on how they pick up germs throughout the day and only Dettol soap can give the required protection everyday.In liquid hand wash category, Dettol holds 50% market share.

In Dettol was the leader in the hand wash category with a share of 53 per cent. Lifebuoy had a share of %. Dettol is a market leader in the liquid handwash market of India, with a market share of 61%.

The industry has been growing at an average rate of 20%.

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Dettol plans to expand its market using the Market Development Strategy, that is, by increasing users and increasing usage.

Dettol Hand Wash Market Size. named “Z Clean Hand wash” in a growing market. Due to its early and continued efforts in building the segment and given the strength of the parent brand Dettol, this segment was historically dominated by Dettol Liquid Hand wash.

The size of the liquid hand wash market is. Dettol, for the record, is the leader in the anti-septic liquid category with almost per cent of the market in the country.

which is priced at less than half that of its regular pump bottle of liquid hand wash (available for Rs for a ml pack).

since it is a small category, not more than Rs crore in size, according to. Press nozzle gently to get Dettol Liquid Hand Wash on the wet hands. Rinse. Dry off.

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Dettol hand wash market size
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